Bricks & Breakfast

St. Patrick Loft Condo
(The Truffle House)

Indulge in a luxuriant setting with our exquisitely crafted living room, where the interplay of warm, inviting illumination and sumptuous, earthy hues fuse to form an ambiance that evokes the opulence and refinement of truffles.

Creating a beautiful oasis in your home

Our selection of a platform bed represents an elegant and refined choice that lends a sense of sophistication and finesse to any bedroom setting.

Characterised by its low-slung profile and expert craftsmanship, the platform bed imbues the sleeping area with a spacious and uncluttered feel that maximises comfort and relaxation.

Spacious haven for culinary creativity

Our expertly designed spacious kitchen exudes a perfect blend of form and function, optimised to provide superior functionality without compromising on style.

The natural light streaming through the expansive windows creates an inviting atmosphere, imbuing a sense of warmth that accentuates its modern, sleek design. Whether whipping up a delectable feast or hosting guests, our kitchen offers an unparalleled setting that elevates your culinary experience to new heights.