Bricks & Breakfast

Mcnair HDB
(The Subway House)

This house design takes inspiration from a minimalist approach adopted by Subway, featuring modernist design elements characterised by crisp lines and uncomplicated shapes.

The living room’s focal point is a faux grass rug that artfully mimics the appearance of fresh lettuce. The verdant floor covering infuses the communal living space with a sense of vitality and rejuvenation, elevating the overall look-and-feel to a new level.

Savouring moments in a homely cafe setting

Coffee lovers can now enjoy their favourite brew in the comfort of their own home with our inviting cafe-style dining area. From the open command station in the kitchen, you can have an all-rounded view of the living room, making it easy to converse while cooking

A full wall mirror cleverly placed behind the kitchen visually enlarges the space, creating an illusion of depth and openness. The natural wood bench and tabletop, paired with understated construction, add a laid-back and rustic touch, inviting you to relax in this cozy space.

Modernised kitchen workspace

The juxtaposition of the deep grey cabinetry and pristine white quartz countertop yields a refined and chic kitchen aesthetic, characterised by a tasteful interplay of contrasting tones.

The implementation of subway tiles, a nod to the brand’s namesake, serves to add a touch of visual intrigue and texture to the kitchen’s backsplash, elevating the overall design scheme with a subtle yet effective embellishment.