Bricks & Breakfast

Dawson HDB
(The Pandan House)

Welcome to the Pandan House, where the integration of Peranakan elements with innovative industrial ideas has crafted a remarkable and one-of-a-kind home, distinguishing it from all others. 

Named aptly after its kitchen which features traditional Peranakan elements such as the pandan colored cabinets and intricate Peranakan floor tiles, the Pandan House is the perfect blend between tradition and modern.

Industrial chic sophistication

The rest of the house is done in an industrial style which embraces the raw and utilitarian elements of industrial buildings, such as metalworks and neutral colors, creating a unique and captivating aesthetic.

Black metal frames can be seen all around the house as partitions and room dividers. This helps to create defined areas whilst maintaining an open floor plan, preserving a sense of spaciousness and seamless visual flow.

Timeless beauty of natural wood

A natural wood slab dining table stands out as a distinctive and authentic piece of furniture, displaying the organic beauty of wood with it’s unique grains, warm hues, and organic textures. As a focal point, it adds visual interest and creates a cozy and elegant atmosphere in the room.

A floor-to-ceiling mirror is also strategically placed to help create the perception of a bigger space.