Bricks & Breakfast

Alcove Condo
(The Gelato House)

With improved flow and an open concept, the kitchen in Alcove Condo serves as the command center of the home, providing a vantage point for the master of the house to view the living room while cooking. Inspired by the playful world of gelato, the design creates a cheerful and lighthearted atmosphere, adding a touch of sweet delight to daily routines.

A scoop of style in the bathroom

This luxuriant bathroom is designed to create a tranquil space for indulgence in self-care and rejuvenation. The carefully selected colour scheme of soft greens and pinks conveys a playful and refreshing atmosphere.

The terrazzo tiles added a subtle texture and dimension reminiscent of the whimsical swirls of gelato.

Plush leather seating for lounging in style

The warm tones of this living room ensue an earthy allure. The rich, plush brown leather sofa harmonises with the natural wood flooring. This decor radiates an inviting ambiance that soothes the senses and instills a feeling of calmness, creating a homey atmosphere for all to enjoy.