Bricks & Breakfast

Pine Lane HDB
(The Chantilly House)

Welcome to Chantilly House, where sophistication meets simplicity in a thoughtfully curated living space. This graceful design is perfect for displaying minimalist art and creating a sense of spaciousness. Named after the luxurious texture of Chantilly cream, it exudes an air of elegance and refinement, with every element carefully crafted to achieve both functionality and beauty.

The chic simplicity of our kitchen design

The kitchen design exudes a clean and minimalist vibe, with a breakfast counter and additional storage on top for added convenience.

The pristine white cabinetry and sleek marble countertops, matched with stainless steel appliances, present a contemporary and chic aesthetic that complements the overall design scheme.

Versatile space-saving bed solution

Designed to provide convenience and maximise the available living space, we introduced a custom-made hidden bed solution that effortlessly folds away into a cupboard during the daytime, allowing the space to transform into a multifunctional area for various activities.

The bed can be promptly unfurled to convert into a cozy sleeping haven by nightfall, providing the perfect balance of comfort and functionality.