Bricks & Breakfast

Canberra 2 Room HDB (The Bento House)

This charming two-room HDB apartment located in Canberra takes inspiration from the Japanese Bento box, where a variety of food items are organized and separated within one box. Similarly, this apartment incorporates multiple functions into a small space, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere. The concept carefully considers the interplay of materials and lighting to achieve a harmonious, sensory experience that tantalizes the mind and soul.

Transforming spaces into functional purposes

The clever utilisation of warm wooden textures and luminosity illuminates the space, infusing it with a tranquil aura that exudes an air of welcoming respite.

Our discerning choice of furniture features upholstered natural linen imbued with a time-honoured sophistication, evocative of a bygone era, augmented with luscious throw pillows and blankets in shades of grey that perfectly complement the timbered carpentry.

Flip down study table

The ingenuity of the flip-down study table lies in its compact design and functionality, meticulously crafted to optimise the available space in the apartment.

Through its artful design, it serves to elongate the open spaces of the house. It is mounted on the wall at an ergonomically-sound height, calibrated for comfortable seated work. The smart hinges of this piece of furniture enable it to be effortlessly flipped up and down as required, facilitating a seamless transition between work and leisure.