Bricks & Breakfast

School Staff Lounge

Enter our redesigned school staff lounge, where a calming atmosphere prevails with a neutral color palette of white and warm brown wood tones. Clean lines and uncluttered designs shape the furniture, promoting focus and efficiency.

The intentional simplicity promotes both relaxation and productivity, creating a cohesive and mindful space for educators.

A dynamic spot where food prep transforms into shared moments

At the heart of the staff lounge, the kitchen island serves as a dynamic space that starts as a practical area for cooking and effortlessly turns into a space for shared moments.

More than a space for food prep, it becomes a venue for laughter, discussions, and connections among educators. This dynamic island embodies teamwork and shared joy, serving as a vibrant hub in the school community.

Versatile seating options, from dining pods to traditional tables and chairs

Featuring diverse seating options, diverse seating options include private dining pods for cozy meals and enhanced privacy, classic tables and chairs, and comfortable settees.

This versatile setup caters to diverse preferences, encouraging collaboration and informal discussions among educators, all while maintaining a harmonious balance between personal and communal spaces.