Bricks & Breakfast

Delta House Office

Introducing Delta House Office, a vibrant and dynamic workspace that combines productivity and creativity in perfect harmony. With pops of cool colours scattered throughout, this commercial space embraces a refreshing and inviting atmosphere.

Step into this dynamic world with a lively and energetic ambience, where productivity thrives and ideas flourish.

Versatile dining, work and relaxation space

With a minimalist design featuring a sleek black long table and chairs, this space exudes simplicity and elegance. Enhancing the ambience is a large warm-toned ball light fixture suspended overhead, casting a gentle glow that fosters a conducive environment for focused work.

Whether you need to gather for a team meeting, enjoy a meal, or find a peaceful corner for some solo work, this adaptable space caters to all your needs.

A serene kitchen retreat for inspiration

Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, from the combination of sleek lines, natural wood accents, and bright finishes make this kitchen a standout feature within the house office.

What sets this kitchen apart is its seamless integration into the office setting, creating a space that fosters not only culinary creativity but also collaboration and productivity. This kitchen serves as the heart of the Delta House Office, nurturing both connections and culinary delights.