Bricks & Breakfast

Commonwealth HDB
(Butterbeer House)

Much like indulging in a frothy mug of Butterbeer, Butterbeer House envelops you in a world of warmth and charm. The white walls, reminiscent of the creamy foam atop the beloved drink, contrast beautifully with navy blue carpentry, echoing the enchanting depths of the wizarding world.

As sunlight filters through windows, casting a golden glow reminiscent of the drink’s comforting warmth, it becomes more than just a home—it’s a sanctuary, where every moment is infused with the magic of Butterbeer, inviting you to savor the richness of home.

Kick back with Butterbeer living room's cushy seats

Experience relaxation at its finest with Butterbeer living room’s plush seating options. Sink into the soft cushions of the cream sofa for a cozy retreat. The cream bench offers both style and functionality, while the floor recliner allows for laid-back lounging. With the playful addition of the burger stool, each seat invites you to kick back and enjoy the warmth of home.

Unveil the surprise within the navy cupboard: a hidden bathroom awaits

Uncover a delightful secret tucked away within the unassuming navy cupboard: a fully functional bathroom awaits, ready to surprise and impress. Ingeniously concealed behind its unassuming exterior, this hidden gem offers unexpected convenience and a touch of magic. From its covert entrance to its well-designed interior, this hidden gem is certain to captivate and impress.