Bricks & Breakfast

Flora Drive HDB
(Wheat House)

As you step into Wheat House, you’ll find yourself transported to a world of quiet beauty, where the soft glow of sunlight filtering through the windows casts a warm, inviting glow, reminiscent of the golden hues of a wheat field at dusk.

Wooden accents bring a sense of warmth and grounding, while neutral tones evoke the earthy palette of nature. It’s a space where you can truly escape the chaos of everyday life and reconnect with the natural world.

Minimalist kitchen adorned with covert wiring and focused task lighting

The kitchen is a blend of modern style and functionality. Cream and wood handle-less cabinets create a sleek, minimalist look, complemented by a durable quartz countertop. Subtle LED strips within the cabinets provide task lighting, while concealed wiring keeps the space clutter-free and streamlined.

Cozy retreat enveloped in the soothing embrace of wheat tones

Picture a bedroom bathed in the soft, golden glow of a wheat field at sunset. Neutral tones dominate the space, with walls painted in warm creams and accented by subtle hints of wood and earthy browns. At the heart of the room, the bed, adorned with crisp cream and beige linens, beckons you to unwind in its cozy embrace.