Bricks & Breakfast

Naturalis Condo
(The Earl Grey House)

Like a cup of Earl Grey tea, our bedroom exudes a tranquil aura that encapsulates both comfort and relaxation. The forest green wallpaper imbues the space with an earthy and creative ambiance, elevating it to a sanctuary that fosters a sense of inspiration and ease.

A living space where cozy meets chic

Our open concept design prioritises comfort and functionality, with warm lighting that fills the space with a welcoming and homely feel.

A seamless integration of the two spaces fosters an environment that facilitates spending quality time with loved ones, while also offering the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a cozy cup of tea.

Bathroom with timeless elegance

A tranquil oasis for your daily ritual, this bathroom features a neutral colour scheme that emanates a calming ambiance. The layout allows for generous personal space and ample storage, making it an ideal haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.