Bricks & Breakfast

Alps Condo
(The Bar House)

When envisioning the ambiance of a bar, one may associate it with a low illumination level and subdued lighting fixtures, resulting in a warm and intimate atmosphere that fosters a sense of relaxation and leisure.

A dining bar area imbued with rustic charm

The centerpiece of this dining area is a robust timber high bar table that creates a visual separation between the dining area and the rest of the space, while its earthy tones and natural grains blend seamlessly with the botanical decor that infuses the area with naturalistic elements.

The subtle luminescence of the dim bulbs overhead adds a cozy and welcoming radiance throughout, making this a perfect space for intimate dinners or casual gatherings.

A cozy home bar for your next night in

Unwind and relax after a long day with your favorite drinks and entertainment in the comfort of your own home. A cozy home bar setup invites you to sing your heart out or catch up on your favorite Netflix series with friends and family.

The interplay of subdued lighting, soft-hued wallpaper, and a straightforward yet comfortable interior design scheme culminate in a hospitable and welcoming ambiance that beckons homeowners to unwind and introspect.