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Reforma Aesthetics

Experience Reforma Aesthetics, a beauty salon designed with minimalist principles for a serene escape. The entrance features an expansive glass panel and door, flooding the reception area with natural light and highlighting the cream-colored interiors.

This bright and airy space sets a tranquil tone, which continues into the dimly lit treatment rooms designed to offer a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The clean lines and uncluttered layout reflect a commitment to simplicity and calm, making every visit a soothing retreat.

Craft the illusion of a lengthened walkway with a well-placed end mirror

Positioned strategically at the walkway’s conclusion, a cleverly positioned mirror creates an illusion of an infinite walkway, adding depth and visual intrigue to the space. This design element not only elongates the pathway but also reflects the natural light, brightening the entire area. Adjacent seating areas invite guests to sit back and relax, providing a perfect place to enjoy the surroundings while waiting for their appointments.

Illuminate products effortlessly with custom shelves featuring built-in LED strips

Custom shelves are meticulously crafted and outfitted with LED strips to present their beauty products with flair. These shelves seamlessly integrate modern design and functionality, casting a soft glow that accentuates each item. Guests are welcomed to explore the curated selection, experiencing a captivating blend of innovation and style that defines the Reforma experience.