Bricks & Breakfast

Equilibrium MMA

Introducing Equilibrium MMA, a martial arts and lifestyle gym that seamlessly blends functionality with a sleek minimalist industrial theme.

This gym is more than a space for physical training; it’s a thoughtful fusion of functionality and modern aesthetics. Embracing strength, discipline, and contemporary design, our philosophy revolves around crafting an environment that goes beyond workouts – it creates a balanced and inspiring experience for every individual who walks through the doors.

Expansive training area with ample space for martial arts drills and exercises

The generous size of the training area, adorned in full white, stands as a dedicated space for martial artists seeking a versatile and visually stimulating environment.

 Its clean and expansive layout allows seamless transitions between activities, welcoming practitioners of all levels. This bright, dynamic environment is purposefully designed for focused training and growth.

Impact-driven fitness corner equipped with striking black punching bags

Experience energetic training vibes as you immerse yourself in the rhythm of punches meeting their target.

The black punching bags not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to the overall aesthetics, making the fitness corner an inspiring and invigorating space for individuals seeking an impactful workout.