Bricks & Breakfast

Tampines HDB
(Baileys House)

Discover Bailey’s House: a modern haven inspired by the essence of Baileys. Dark wood carpentry and floors contrast with pristine white walls and a captivating moss green feature wall in the living room. This open-concept retreat invites relaxation with plush furnishings and chic décor.

The kitchen blends modern amenities with classic charm, creating a space as delightful as a sip of Baileys. Natural light fills the home, enhancing its warm and inviting ambiance. Welcome to Bailey’s House, where every moment reflects the richness of your favorite Baileys.

Discover the allure of cinematic comfort in your own home

Transform your living space into an at-home cinematic retreat where every movie night feels like a cozy escape. With a plush sofa beckoning you to relax and drawn curtains enveloping the room, your home cinema becomes the epitome of comfort.

Whether you’re enjoying a solo movie marathon or hosting a cozy night in, the combination of plush seating and drawn curtains sets the stage for an unforgettable cinematic experience right at home.

Create a statement with exquisite wood resin river table

Bring the outdoors inside with our wood resin river dining tables, which serve as functional art pieces. The flowing resin rivers mimic the serene movement of water, while the natural wood elements add warmth and texture, transforming your dining room into a space of organic beauty and calm.